Wednesday, March 02, 2011

7 stages of grief after the death of your favorite animal

The 7 Stages of Grief After You’ve Lost a Beloved Animal Friend | AnimalTalk Blog, Val Heart & Friends, Animal Communication Tips & Animal Care:

"When you’ve done all you can, weathered through the final chapters and your animal’s transition, then it’s time to make peace with what’s happened.

After working with thousands of animals who have passed on, I have a lot of experience in helping people and their animals work through the transition to find more peace, completion and feel empowered to move on with their lives."

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As someone said, "there is really only one thing wrong with pets; they don't live long enough! This presentation will help you understand the dying process of a pet, what happens to our pets after they die, where do they go? How they view their own death and the dying process, how can we best help them and ourselves at this emotional time? Do they ever come back to us?


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