Sunday, April 17, 2011

The belief in dog reincarnation

Credit: istockphoto/Lobke Peers 
When a dog owner goes through pet loss grief, belief in dog reincarnation becomes a very controversial subject to certain people while others accept it completely. Not everyone believes in reincarnation— but some dog owners who have lost their favorite pet to death accept the fact dog communication from the other side does exist and the spirit of the dog stays close to its loved ones until the pain and healing is over.

A subtle movement out of the corner of the eye, fleetingly seeing the pet who has passed over still sitting in a familiar position or in a familiar location as if they were still there … all of this makes the heart hurt even more. We need to accept that unearthly communication from the other side comes to us in many ways. One believer said as long as the person has memories of the deceased dog, the spirits still remain.

The belief of reincarnation usually consists of an acceptance that all living things have the ability to come back to earth for a repeated lifetime. Each life is based on purposes and lessons from previous ones, with continuous lessons in love, growth and increased spirituality. But the bottom line … those who love their dogs refuse to believe the animal is no longer with them. Non-caring individuals could care less.

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