Monday, April 18, 2011

A medium's view on life after death for beloved animals

Merlian News: Why I Believe There Is Life After Death For Our Beloved Animals By Susan A. Deren

"Losing an animal companion is like losing a friend. However, with animals there is little guidance for the grieving process. With humans, we gather and attend wakes and funerals to remember and heal. Through these events, we seek out an understanding of what happens to our loved ones. Some believe in the afterlife, others don’t.

Credit: istockphoto / daniel budiman
As a medium, I deliver messages to people who have lost their loved ones. The details and specifics transmitted in these messages are undeniable. This has strengthened my belief that we do not go far when we pass, that our loved ones are still around to see our life’s journey. Those that experience the passing of an animal companion often question what happens to their beloved friends. Where do they go? Do they go to the same place we do?

In medium sessions, it is not unusual to see a beloved childhood pet appear next to the spirit of someone who has recently passed. This not only confirms that it is the spirit speaking, but also shows that their animal is being taken care of by those on the other side. Their appearance in a reading is a comforting reminder that we all live on… even our animals. Now, for those of you who still doubt this theory, I will share with you a story that will change even your minds."

(Read more by Susan A. Deren at Merlian News)
Susan Deren is a Psychic Medium, Animal Communicator and a Behavioral Intuitive


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Thank you. This brings me much comfort.

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