Monday, April 04, 2011

The other shoe drops on Patrick's Law

Dear Nancy, 
Below is the email that I tried to send to send through your website but it has too many characters. Myself and others have a group on Facebook following Patrick's Law statements. There are too many inconsistencies in comments posted by Patrick's Law as well as answers to questions from followers.

A member of our group was able to cut & paste the comment thread in which Patrick's Law demanded States take their pages down, however, the comment from Patrick's Law calling followers idiots was deleted. But, other comments referring to the name-calling and threats are still in the document.

We also have emails between Patrick's Law and an administrator from a State page. There is also a claim of copyright and/or trademark infringement and plagairism of any other Facebook pages using the words "Patrick's Law." The copyright, plagairism, and "dog's name Law" comment are listed on Patrick's Law Info page.

We have an email from an ex-administrator of the Patrick's Law page as well as screen shots of nasty comments from Patrick's Law to followers. Thank you for responding so quickly. My #1 concern is neglected and abused animals and I don't want the "cause" to get a bad rap because one person is on an ego trip.

I grew up in New Jersey and my family and friends still reside in the Garden State. Animal advocacy is my passion. I am a member of the ASPCA, I have been a foster home for displaced dogs, I adopt dogs, and I donate time, money, and supplies to my local animal shelters. I have long since accepted my purpose in life, to do what I can to help homeless, abused, and neglected animals.

Like so many people worldwide, Patrick’s plight has affected me deeply. Unfortunately, animal abuse and cruelty occurs everyday around the world. Many animals do not have receive the media attention, blogs, news articles, and Facebook pages as Patrick. I am especially concerned about the Patrick’s Law Facebook page and website, There have been many Facebook pages and websites dedicated solely to Patrick, but none have the following as Patrick’s Law, 40,000 plus Facebook users worldwide.

At first I was ecstatic with the Patrick’s Law initiative, its founder, and the effort put forth by the team. I followed the page daily, I was ready to jump on the bandwagon and join their team. I was of the opinion Patrick’s Law was an angel sent from Heaven. Finally, a group of people willing and able to do whatever it takes to raise awareness about animal cruelty and effect change.

Alternately, I was cautious and hesitant. During my years fighting this cause I have come across what I call predators, groups and individuals that tug your heartstrings and suck you dry emotionally, physically, and monetarily. I am not accusing Patrick’s Law of being a predator; however, I feel it necessary to share my unpleasant experience with the Patrick’s Law organization.

According to the Patrick’s Law Facebook page, the page was created in the wee hours of the morning after learning about the heinous crime committed against Patrick. In just a few short days, Facebook users flocked to the page. Subsequently, several pages were created in support of Patrick’s Law, including The Patrick’s Law Movement – NJ, where Patrick was found. Soon, many Patrick’s Law Movement State pages were created and Patrick’s Law followers joined those pages in order to effect change in their State. On Thursday, March 31, 2001, Patrick’s Law posted a comment demanding State’s take down their pages because Patrick’s Law did not “approve” the State pages or their content. This comment sparked an outrage. Patrick’s Law comments became aggressive, attacking State pages for not following orders. Patrick’s Law used profanity and called administrators of the State pages “idiots” and “trolls.” Patrick’s Law also accused State pages of copyright infringement because the founder “owns the rights to the name Patrick’s Law.” As a result, Patrick’s Law reported State pages to Facebook as fake or duplicate pages and the pages were shut down.

Because I was weary and concerned about Patrick’s Law actions and comments, I posted a comment asking Patrick’s Law about their non-profit status and questioned their “ownership” of the name Patrick’s Law. I received an indirect response from Patrick’s Law, I blocked from posting comments on their page. It is my opinion that if followers do not agree with the Patrick’s Law team or raise questions concerning their motives, you’re cut off; not only from posting comments but joining their efforts as well.

I believe Patrick’s Law, its founder, and team are misleading followers and misrepresenting their organization for reasons unbeknownst to me. An example of this is their mission statement. Patrick’s Law Mission Statement reads, “Change animal abuse laws on a State & Federal level, so that it is a serious felony with severe consequences, including extensive prison time.”

Animal cruelty laws cannot be changed at the Federal level. According to the American Society for the Prevention and Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), “There is no federal cruelty law—and technically, there cannot be. Animal cruelty is dealt with on the state level because the United States Constitution limits the areas in which Congress can pass federal laws applicable nationwide (Article 1, Section 8), and instructs that everything else is up to individual states to handle.”2

Additionally, Patrick’s Law posted a note, “Need 100 People who will Run Our Official Patrick’s Law page for their State.” The note informs followers to send an email if they wish to be considered for a volunteer unpaid Administrator/Moderator position for Patrick’s Law State pages. Individuals selected for these positions will be required to sign a “Confidentiality/Non-Compete Agreement.” If this is a “volunteer/unpaid” position, why is it necessary to sign a confidentiality/non-compete agreement?

For the record, I am not offended that I have been blocked from commenting or working with Patrick’s Law, I am genuinely concerned and, in hindsight, grateful. I am concerned if the Patrick’s Law organization has motives other than those stated, followers will get discouraged with the animal cruelty cause altogether and give up. I will continue my efforts locally and regionally, I will continue to write lawmakers in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania demanding changes in the laws governing animal abuse and cruelty, and I will continue to be a voice for homeless, abused, and neglected animals world wide.


Anonymous said...

I absolutely and whole- heartedly agree with everything in this letter. I too have experienced the same issues, having had my original state page removed by FB for "infringment of right" complaint. I am also a member or a rapidly growing group of concerned people, who feel the motives of one Rachel Wolf are less than pure and of good intention. I strongly feel Patrick is being exploited to self-promote the "founder" of this website.

Tammy Rabon said...

Thank you for this post. I believe you have brought out concerns so many other persons, like myself have seen and felt concerning the Patrick's Law Facebook page. I also raised questions early on, and was blocked from commenting. The focus must remain on the the prevention of cruelty to animals, and positive steps towards changing laws. I applaud your insight and willingness to share your thoughts.
Tammy Rabon

JerryJrNJ said...

This is a very well written and informative message. I am not sure whether it is wholly true, but I will assume that it is as I am not able to judge one way or another. However, I would like to ask the owner of the Patrick's Law Facebook page to respond to this note. Hearing both sides of the story would be the best way to determine the veracity of this message. Like the writer of this message, I have followed the Patrick's Law page since the moment I found it. Like the author, I am from NJ. I happen to still live here and I live less than 10 miles from where Patrick is currently being cared for. I am also, like the author, a very vocal proponent for stronger animal cruelty laws and the safety from cruelty of all animals.
So... to the Patrick's Law page owner, I would appreciate you responding to this message to clear the air... or corroborate/deny the claims written within.

CeliaSue Hecht said...

well said, explains a lot. seemed to me that the Patrick's Law people think they are the boss/leader. NO. there now more than 100 Patrick pages of all different names and stripes. People worldwide have been touched by Patrick and want to do something. People need to step up at their local levels, statewide and cities. I hate infighting and name calling. People need to come together with one voice, but not because of someone's control issues. ego ego ego maniacs not allowed. I once worked with an enviro org and it is all too easy for there to be diviseness but more powerful when we come together with one voice. FYI, the Patrick Miracle Pages has 80,000 friends. And other pages have 30-40,000 friends.

heather said...

Absolutely agree with everything written above. I started out following "The Patrick Law Movement" facebook page, but I quickly became suspicious of the direction of the page and the motives of the page founder due to numerous vicious, irratic comment postes I read on the page. I "unliked" the page and now follow a number of the state "The Patrick Movement" pages, which have been nothing but welcoming, friendly, and supportive. My concern is for the people who STILL follow "The Patrick Law Movement" facebook page. Hopefully they are smart enough to see the duplicity taking place.

Buster said...

I am the admin. for Patrick, The Oregon Movement. I wanted to jump on the bag wagon of this effort because I knew it would be a good way to spread the word about abuse. I knew though that every state has different laws and that here in Oregon we have some pretty good sentencing guidelines. My goal was to increase awareness and provide a place for people to express their feelings. I also see it as a way of networking with other animal lovers and for that it is working. I never had any personal contact with the Patrick's Law group. I sent emails saying I would work for Oregon but never got a response. I then thought why should I have to wait for someone else to give me permission to represent my state.

Anonymous said...

Who gives a fuck about animals.
They don't pay taxes. They are not contributing members to society unless they are there to help the handicap, the police or Firehouse.
Stop trying to paint animals as important, we got other more pressing matters in this country and in the states than to worry about some damn animals. Fuck them all. That is all.

Kristin said...

THank you for this. Good to know. A freind of mine was also "blocked" from the page. I never did understand the "territorial" plight for the name Patrick's Law. We have a Wisconsin page, and yes, we plan to operate locally and do what we can in our own backyard. Thank you for your words.

redheadjade said...

to keep patricks law intact should we separate it from all other patrick media we love patrick he has started a wave of compassion here and everywhere he IS the poster child for all dogs being abused and for all children /human and creature spirits are all from the same universe

Anonymous said...

I did not have a State page or any page related to Patrick and I still don’t but I’m an animal lover and when I heard of Patrick’s story, I joined the Patrick Law’s page. I checked the website Ms. Wolf made supposedly at 2 a.m in the morning and I noticed how much she talked about herself and her career and that raised flags for me but I wanted to hope that someone was taking a stand for Patrick and all the animals like him. Then I was online when I saw a lot of ugliness unfold in her Facebook page and how she was treating people who simply wanted to help and then she had Facebook ban people’s pages related to Patrick and I was appalled by this, many people saw this and left as I did or “unliked” the page.
She goes to great lengths to talk about copyrights and trademarks and to wanting people to sign non-compete agreements(which is something that some business do), that shows clearly that she is doing this for financial gain and personal recognition. That was my gut feeling when I decided to leave her page and then after hearing about all her career, I knew then that my instincts did not fail me when I thought something wasn’t right and seeing her behavior on her own page.
It’s deplorable that someone would go so far to exploit such a terrible event like Patrick’s abuse or any animal abuse case and people’s hearts for such dishonest motives.
Her bullying behavior towards people that wanted to help is deplorable and it’s not right. Just because I didn’t have a “run in” with her personally, doesn’t mean that I’m just going to stand by idly and not speak out for what I know she did to others and her bullying tactics. said...

We discussed this same issue on my blog talk radio show last week. It is quite sad that ego had to come in to play.
It would be amazing to get animal cruelty laws on a Federal scheme, but that is not how it is yet.
I left the Patrick's Law page before she could block me. I could not take the name calling and the outright tyrannical attitude she was showing.
This whole cause is about Patrick and all the other babies like him, not about this woman, which is what it is becoming.
Thank you for this wonderful blog!
:-) Tracy

kim watts bradley said...

@ the guy who said f the animals of course your going to remain anonymous because maybe you have a record of abusing animals stop trying to get attenion that im sure you never get anywheres els and maybe a " i hate my life page would work better for you @ everyone els i agree with you guys about rw and the patrick law page i too have had the same priblems with her and her "crew and they will go on every page and read all post and i even had her pop in on me by message on a post i wrote about her end results were she cald me imature blah blah i am thrilled this is finally coming out so now the real help can begin thanks kim bradley

Lenise said...

Very well said and I too was "banned" from posting on "Patrick's Law" FB page for a comment asking how she can rule facebook about the Patrick Movements and the word "LAW"...I support everything that all of the movements are doing and because of all neglected and abused animals we will ALL make a difference with or with out Rachel Wolf

Anonymous said...

I can't agree more with this authors blog. I became very concerned with the Patrick's Law facebook page and outraged at the unprofessional actions that the "creator" was doing. She demanded that state pages be taken down and when I expressed the need for them on the wall, she deleted them and I was called an idiot. As I watched her call people names for expressing their opinions I became angry and stuck up for those people. All of my comments were deleted. She claimed to have a trademark/copyright on the name "Patrick's Law" and when I stated on her facebook page that I couldn't find that listed on the US Patent and Trademark website, she deleted that too. She then deleted me completely when I kept making good points and asking her valid questions. When I "liked" her page again to ask more very important questions, I was blocked from commenting completely. I am a full supporter to all the state pages that are trying to change their states laws and wish them all the best! They want to hear your opinions and suggestions and don't call you names or delete your comments.

jean said...

I am the author of this email. I welcome Ms. Wolf's side of the story. In fact, I'd speak to her personally. All I'm asking for is full disclosure.

In my experience, we have to act now. Patrick's Law is asking 40,000+ people to wait while she gets the "legal ducks in order." Why? Why the "non-compete" agreement? Who are you competing against? These questions need answers because of the massive following.

teri said...

TO the annonymous .. who thinks animals are not productive... you apparently have no animals or you would not be this ignorant.

You showed your ignorance by your own comments (poetic justice). Animals are productive in the fact:

*they give their owners loyalty and love (which you donot find in people of your type),
*it is a well know scientific facts people with animals live longer than do their counterparts.
* Animals get their owners out to excersie,

* they have been know to protect children at play from danger (just the story on the small boy who wander way and his dog went with his to protect him)
*They have also been know to warn of inpending doom or danger,
*they have been used as SAR and to detect when seizures are forthcoming.
*They can forewarn of earthquakes or other disaaters
* They are used as seeing eye dogs for humans.
* They also have help detecing life in humans (or bodies ) when disaster do accour (liek the OKC bombing find surviosrs)
SO My ? is just how productive ARE YOU?

Well I can only deem to guess.. Probably not much..

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that people are noticing that the woman we refer to as "R" is nothing but a fake. She had actually called me the night she decided to create Patricks Law asking for first she was very pleased that I wanted to help. So I began putting the footwork in here in Massachusetts and created the Patricks Law Mass page. I guess "R" did not like that and sent me an email that she wanted to have a phone conversation with me. A couple of hours later I saw a post on Patricks Law page that the state pages must be taken down. So I emailed her and explained that we have been waiting patiently to help and she just ignores us. I said to her that I feel she is doing this to be in the spotlight and immediately she started cussing at me and threatening me with lawyers. I knew it from the start that she was a fraud. I am the admin/creator of the Patrick Movement Massachusetts page and on my page everyone can be heard and I am not trying to do this for fame. My motto for Mass is "Together we can make a difference". I also support all the other state pages as well as other groups that are not affiliated with this woman we call "R". Thank you for writing this in your blog. =)

Anonymous said...

I have seen several comments from individuals stating that Rachel Wolf had a similar Facebook page last year. It had something to do with a shelter in Harrison County, OH. Once people started seeing her true colors, she got mad and deleted the page. I hope those who dealt with her during that time will come forward and speak out.

Joanna Harrington said...

I was one of those people who was commented back on as I wanted to start a page for Patrick in my state Missouri & finally came across someone who was from Missouri wanting to help me with the mean time I got this message back & I may have read it wrong, but I don't believe I did stating I needed to be computer literate as well as facebook literate & so on & so on...that really hurt as I'm not that stupid & I have learned to do a lot of things on the computer on my own with no help as well as facebook...I learn quite well, but I felt like I was being put down & called a stupid person all because I wanted to help for my state as others were getting praise & so many states already out there doing this...I seen her website as well & to me she was bragging & so forth & then I starting reading a few other comments about her, but my concern was Patrick & others like him. I'm so glad today I was able to be given the info to this to read as the Patrick's Law page needs to go & I feel any of those wanting to start one for their state as I have seen should be able to & give help to those that want to do this. She & the others to her page are not for helping like we are as that is my feeling on this matter!!!

Amie said...

Please refrain idiots like the anonymous dupe below from posting pigeon sh#t that don't concern him obviously. You don't care about animals? Leave us that do and go die in a bucket somewhere....

Anonymous said...

I was also banned from posting after expressing my concerns about comments of the admins of that page. My post was immediately deleted and I found myself no longer able to comment. I found the replies by Rachel Wolf and her so-called "staff" disturbing to say the least, as those people are all there offering support and assistance. This article has been posted on Patrick's Law page a number of times today and are promptly deleted and the poster banned. Such thuggish behavior is in no way the approach to get volunteers to help in the cause. I suppose they don't want their supporters reading what and who their leader really is.

Jestine Malloy said...

I won't even address the idiot up there saying 'who gives a fuck'. Well, I give a fuck. Rachel Wolf is an egotistical bully. Jean (the author of this letter) and I run the Patrick Movement for Pennsylvania. I, personally, have been deleted and blocked several times from the Patrick's Law website. The last time, was for posting a link to this very blog. After investigating we have found Ms. Wolf to be nothing but a washed up singer/actress who has been trying to make a big her whole life and has failed miserably. She is exploiting Patrick and all 44,000 fans for her own personal gain and wealth. I could only wish that Ms. Wolf would comment. However, she won't. She has lashed out aggressively and unprofessionally on more than one occassion. She portrays herself to be educated, but it is of my own personal opinion that she is a self-serving ignorant and lonely woman who has done NOTHING for Patrick, his law, or any other abused animal. If you dare ask her about her progress, she deletes you, blocks you, and curses you out. Thank you for airing the truth on this issue.

jean said...

I must address the comment about animals doing nothing. You have a right to your opinion, as do we. Studies have proven the connection between animal abuse and domestic violence and other crimes. Do your homework, you might just learn something!

Kelly Lyn said...

Everything in this article, 100% true. I was a follower on the Patrick's Law website and read with astonishment as she called the members who wanted to help and start individual State pages 'idiots'. I remember telling her to take a step back and breathe, that no one can follow an unstable leader but she kept ranting and demanding that things be done her way. Obviously, I 'unliked' that page pretty quick, I'm not up for anyone's 'special kind of crazy'. I now follow the page for my state, Patrick the Movement- Illinois and the Hub for all the state pages Patrick- The National Movement. I am impressed with how much work has been done, how much info they have given to us, how to contact government officials to get the penalties for abuse stronger and tougher. There is no room for ego in helping those who can't speak.

kim watts bradley said...

@ JOANNA ha i got a message and they were making fun of me as well as you im sure but girl it didnt bother me and it shouldnt bother you its what really opened my eyes to that whole brainwashing group im with the lady who said lets do away with this group and help the animals but it looks like we might not have to cause it looks like she and her cronnies are about to hang their selfs

Anonymous said...

To the Anonymous person that left the ridiculous comment earlier this morning - you are a sad, sick, twisted human being. I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't pay taxes or worked...just lived off of others.

Do us a favor and disappear!

Lisa said...

Her behavior demonstrates one thing - she's NOT in it to augment and/or introduce companion animal cruelty laws. Because if that is her sole motive, she would welcome and integrate the other contributing groups in lieu of threatening "cease and desist" orders against other FB pages. COME ON!

Ms. Wolf's behavior reveals her underlying motive to be more in need of achieving unattained notariety for a floundering singing and acting career and less about animal advocacy. However, for the "Patrick Movement" members and the many - it's ALL about animal advocacy while working collaboratively for the greater good.

Edith said...

I, too, am a victim of Ms. Wolf's ire. I was among the first bloggers to write about Patrick. I have a website dedicated in listing all the basset hound rescue organizations in the world. Attached to this website is a blog that I use to pass information to my readers. Most of my articles are about human interests, concerning dogs that either get lost, get stuck in strange places, and so forth.

When I encountered's reporting about Patrick, it really got me concerned. I have encountered cases of animal abuse, some have even lived in my household as rescued dogs, but Patrick's case was heart wrenching. So, when I found out that some people in Facebook had organized and created Patrick's Law, I was energized. I wanted to help.

I sent Ms. Wolf some private messages, telling her that I'd like to help. I got a polite reply that basically told me that she would contact me when she deemed necessary. This really struck me as weird, because in the world of rescue, the minute you say that you can help, you have someone contacting you immediately. Help is needed and a concerned citizen is not turned down.

I waited, and saw a post about Patrick's Law (PL) needing "regional ambassadors and state representatives." I once again contacted Ms. Wolf to tell her that I'd love to represent Maryland. Once again, I got the "don't call us, we'll call you" reply.

In the meantime, Ms. Wolf kept posting in PL that she needed people who would be obedient. According to her posts, if we were to post in the wrong place and ask the wrong questions, we would immediately be disqualified. I have never encountered such treatment of volunteers. But soon enough, I found out what kind of person treats her volunteers in such way.

One day, I saw that a number of Patrick's Law—State Name pages were springing up on Facebook. I decided that Maryland would need to be represented, as Maryland is in the 40th place in laws against animal abuse. In my opinion, I'd love to see Maryland in the top 10. Anyway, I digress.

A few hours after my page was formed and it had over 200 people on board, Ms. Wolf demanded that all the state pages be removed and only could go up at her command. I questioned her motives, because, as far as I could see the more ways we would spread the word, the better it would be for our cause. If we were to wait too long, and as Patrick is beginning to look more like the dog he should look like, the majority of the supporters could decide to leave the cause. (Unfortunately, that's how human beings are.) Ms. Wolf started screaming at us (by using all caps while typing) and calling us morons and idiots, as well as telling us that we were infringing on her intellectual rights. I didn't know that servicing a poor animal who was discarded as trash was deemed to be considered intellectual right.

Soon enough, my Patrick's Law—Maryland page was stripped of its right to comment in PL page. I connected with my personal Facebook page and asked Ms. Wolf why was she so angry at us. She replied that we created PL—State pages without asking permission and we were violating her rights. I asked her whether she requested permission to post the numerous pictures of Patrick, which rightfully belonged to GSVS Hospital (who are currently taking care of Patrick), and if she did, I certainly didn't see her giving them credit. As soon as I posted the comment, it was deleted and I was banned from PL page.

A few hours later, I was contacted by Facebook informing me that my page was deleted due to infringement of third party's right.

In my humble opinion, Ms. Wolf is not concerned about abused animals. She is concerned about herself. As I get know more about her, I see her advertising herself, and disguising it as concern.

Michele said...

Ignore troll posters - they obviously are just trying to get a rise out of us and get attention. Don't give it to those imbeciles - that's what they want.

I find this article very interesting. Several things about the Patrick's Law page started to annoy me right from the start. Like the first day that the name and photo of the accused was released, she immediately started treating us on the page like idiots if we God-forbid uttered a bad word about that monster. One woman commented that we were just venting, and that's all people wanted to do. But we were reprimanded for our anger and told to "put that energy towards helping Patrick." Ok - that sounds very well intentioned and I'm sure she was concerned about things spiraling out of control too quickly - but at the same time we all obviously liked the page because we are well intentioned and love animals, and we shouldn't have been reprimanded for having a normal emotional reaction to Patrick's abuser. I personally would have felt much better if we were "permitted" by the all powerful Rachel to vent, and then I would have been able to move forward with much more "positive energy."

The other thing that really started to and still bugs me is how it seems every time someone dares to post anything other than "We love you Rachel! You're fabulous! You're wonderful! You're amazing! You're doing such a good job!" we got a novelette posted from her defending herself against her naysayers. She does need to realize this isn't about her, and therefore I really don't care if her feelings got hurt. Seems to me if she has time to sit around and whine every time something negative is said about her, she has time get things moving on her "movement."

Laurette Chapman said...

I was glad to see all the posts relative to the originator of Patrick's Law. I too question her ability to organize and manage this effort that has grown so quickly. There is a lot of basic information that needs to be researched, legal counsel should be sought as well. Information regarding each state's current laws and punishments, etc.
I, like so many others, had my life changed when I found about the 'beyond' horrific abuse this poor dog has suffered. I have been involved in dog rescue for 7+ years and just recently started my own small group.
I want to do whatever I can to involve my local and state officials for this cause, NO ANIMAL SHOULD SUFFER THE WAY PATRICK DID.

Amy Brigham said...

@ Michelle "Like the first day that the name and photo of the accused was released, she immediately started treating us on the page like idiots if we God-forbid uttered a bad word about that monster" I find this ODD>> if you mention KISHA CURTIS' name on Patricks Law you get deleted and banned, I'm sorry but I think the more people that mention her name, the more people will know EXACTLY who did this. I think the more her name gets mentioned the better! The world needs to know the name of this monster, what she does for a living, its the first step to a national REG. for felony animal abusers. It tells the WORLD to be on the look out for her if she moves into their neighborhood!

Anonymous said...

I called the number listed on the as the website owner. A woman took down my information but every time I asked a question her reply was "It's only been ten days." as if that was an excuse for not doing ANYTHING in that time frame. Every question I asked was answered with "In ten days?" There should be SOME update every day on that page. Now that I know they've attempted to trademark the name and are planning on selling merchandise; I think it is safe to assume that this woman is a fraud. That she has declared bankruptcy is even more convincing. I heard her sing on the youtube link also. It's no wonder she's bankrupt.

The email I sent bounced back as undeliverable. I am very concerned about this woman.

dotcom said...

The site called "The Patrick Miracle" is fast aapproaching 100,000. It is doing great things and stays away from the negative. Many of the State pages (which seem to have changed their name to the Patrick Movement-name your state), go there to post. You are able to see all things Patrick or all things from various rescue groups or individuals. Check it out. I also did some "looking into the Patrick Law page etc. and found it a bit wierd. And I agree,,she really cannot sing very well. Hang tough and tell 'em,,,"Patrick sent me".
I would Publish my name but I do not have an acceptable account so I will have to be an Anonymous Patrick Warrior!!

Tammi said...

Do a search on IMDB, she has failed miserably in the acting industry as well!

Anonymous said...

I also had the unfortunate displeasure of witnessing Ms. Wolf's atrocious behavior on Facebook. She bullied, belittled and berated innocent people who were doing nothing but spreading the word about Patrick. Her threats, name calling and harassment throughout the day were immature at the least. She deleted posts and banned people left and right if they had any question about her motives for her "Patrick's Law" page or if they disagreed with her for any reason. She should be ashamed of herself for exploiting Patrick for your own personal selfish needs. Her need to be in control of everything and in the limelight is quite sad. IT IS NOT ABOUT RACHEL WOLF!!! She has proven that she cannot conduct herself in an appropriate manner when under pressure. I myself, cannot see her accomplishing anything with "Patrick's Law." She is too focused on herself....again, very sad.

The Pilot's Wife said...

So I recieved a comment on a blogpost that I put up before the Patrick's Law Page had gone insane. I recommended I come and read this post. I too had tried to help out as a state page person, but their email never went up. I also SAW the comment that they made calling people idiots!!! I was stunned! I just had not had a chance to update my blog. In the end, I try to to keep in mind it is about the dogs, ALL DOGS as I have been in rescue for years.

I am now folowing your blog, and will update my post to refer people to the ahscares site!

Anna, The Pilot's Wife

Anonymous said...

I'm a reporter for the Star-Ledger in Newark, New Jersey, and am trying to get in touch with this blog's creator, Nancy Young-Houser.

I'm writing a follow up story about Patrick and the various "movements" and petitions that have popped up online (specifically, I noticed the entry "The other shoe drops on Patrick's Law"). Please contact me at

Thank you,
Eunice Lee
Star-Ledger Reporter

sherlee mcgrath said...

when the story first broke it was "the patrick miracle". at least that was the first face book page that I saw. It was after that all the others came.

Anonymous said...

She banned my just today, simply for asking where the thread I was posting in last night went. She openly called me a troll immediately after I asked what happened to it as well. I admit, I trolled in that thread at the end of it, but the funny thing is, she openly said *and I have proof of this* that she would leave it up to show people my "true colors". I find it funny, she deleted any and all posts I made asking her what was going on with the movement as soon as they were posted, but she will sit and argue with someone just trolling for hours. Ego trip much?

Amy Brigham said...

Dear Rachel Wolf, April 7 2011

This letter is in response to your shallow attempt at an “ apology”.

I was among one of the first victims of your rampage. On March 26, 2011 I attempted repeatedly to help contribute to your page , with information on links to contact lawmakers. I did research, scoured the internet for any and all resources that would be helpful to people, in order for them to write to their local representatives. I provided you with a wealth of information . At this time, you had 2.227 “ Likes” I was eager and willing to contribute, Thinking this was really a great idea!

Ms. Wolf, you deleted every post I made on your wall. Foolishly, I gave you the benefit of the doubt and chalked it up to “ FB” error. Thinking it was a glitch perhaps, that my posts were not showing up.

Suddenly, the little light came on inside my head. So I asked “ Why are my posts being deleted” Mind you this was now the 27th of March, I stayed up all night feverishly working on this endeavor.

Low and behold, That question was gone 5 minutes later, as soon as the page refreshed,

“Ahhhh I get it! This is a popularity contest! This isn’t about spreading awareness and making a change in Animal Cruelty Laws, This is about how many “ LIKES” you can get!”

To my shock and awe, I was BANNED! Locked out, prohibited from posting on your precious wall..

So I thought to myself… “ screw her” I’ll do this on my own then! I really wanted to make a difference.

Undaunted, I threw together a little gem of my own.. “Patrick’s Law Wyoming” Since you deleted all the links I provided , I had to start from scratch. More hours of research,. My passion continued to grow as I followed Patrick’s recovery. “ He’s going to make it!” Patrick’s resilience gave me hope. If this precious baby can survive the horrors he had to endure, There is nothing I can’t do also!

I spent 3 straight days and nights, with little sleep in-between, working diligently on my page.

I was very proud of it and was beginning to have a following.

Then I read your tirade, DEMANDING myself and the other “ outcasts “of Patrick’s Law to remove their pages “ Or Else” ( I have transcripts of this post incase you need your memory refreshed)

I pooh-poohed your statement and shrugged you off as an ego manic.. The next day, to my horror and disbelief., My page was gone! Removed by Face book because of reports that it was in violation of “ someone’s rights”

Bent but not broken and more determined than ever, I dusted myself off and started again..

I saw the claims you made that you “ Owned” the phrase Patrick’s Law” I saw state pages forming “The Patrick Movement” so I followed suit. Knowing you were making false claims about trade marking the name, I went on about my own business, Pleased with the fact that you couldn’t destroy my efforts a third time.However as soon as I started exposing the truth about you publicly, your followers reported my Wyoming Movement page and had it suspended for 3 days. when it was magicaly restored, all comments re: Wolf were mysteriously deleted.

Rachel, as you well know, the internet is a small world. People talk, and people were talking to me!

I received many personal messages from complete strangers, interestingly enough they all had the same message, they tried to help you and you dismissed them as well.

Now fast forward 2 weeks, as your dirty laundry gets aired, the truth about you and who you really are becomes public. And NOW you want to apologize?

Rachel Wolf, your feeble attempt to back peddle is as transparent as you are.

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