Monday, May 02, 2011

Shannon Hill on "Do Dogs Have Souls"

It's best to have the opinion of someone considered either an expert or has hands-on experience to be qualified in answering a question. It's better to have both. Shannon L. Hill Shannon Hill is a writer and speaker who specializes in animal welfare, immigration issues, effective cross-cultural communication, and education. She also sponsors a student club whose dual purpose is to raise money to help local animal welfare groups and to teach students about issues affecting the wellbeing of domestic animals. In her article, "Do Dogs Have Souls," she says"

"I am always blown away by the number of “religious authorities” and followers thereof who insist that only humans have souls.  To which I can only reply that anyone so foolish and egocentric as to actually believe that dogs don’t have souls has never spent any real quality time with one.  If anything, dogs have far purer souls than humans.

It was once believed that “dumb animals” did not have the capacity for emotion.  Yet anyone who has ever loved a dog knows that a dog feels joy, sadness, pain, anxiety, loneliness, anger.  In fact, veterinarians accept these emotions in pets so readily and completely that there is now a wide variety of anti-anxiety medications available for dogs.  Some of them are literally human medications re-applied to the veterinary market." (Read more ... )

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