Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Voices of Faith

Located in Kansas City, Kansas, is the Metropolitan Baptist Church --- led by the Reverend Baynham --- who discusses the values of animals to man. One of the more interesting articles I have read on the souls of animals, it is well worth the read.
"The Rev. R.L. Baynham, pastor of Metropolitan Baptist Church, Kansas City, Kan.: Is this question about animals having souls, or is it about what will happen to our wonderful and loyal pets when this life as we know it, is ended? Our desire is to be able to see our pets that have been good to us here enjoy the same benefits in the afterlife. The Bible has registered on many occasions the value of animals to man.
While I understand this powerful association with pets and while we are created and live in this environment, we are different. We understand that all animals are not the same in their behavior and other aspects. Their main role in the world is to provide for mans survival and companionship." (Read more ... )

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